Colombian Bulletproof Chic

Colombian fashion designer Miguel Caballero has been described as the “Armani of bulletproof clothing.” Caballero, pictured above with action movie star and guitar enthusiast Steven Seagal modeling one of his leather jackets, makes ultra-lightweight bulletproof gear using a top secret material. Though Caballero won’t reveal exactly how he makes the lining in his high security duds, he says it involves flexible plastics that are supposedly much more effective at repelling gunfire than old-fashioned kevlar.

Caballero’s bulletproof jackets come in leather and nylon varieties for both men and women. They also come in a variety of colors including orange and bright red that I can’t imagine anyone who was concerned about getting shot would be caught dead wearing. or maybe they would be caught dead wearing it, that’s the problem. Caballero’s dark colored stuff is definitely safe though. With one of these coats and a bulletproof stroller the whole family can survive firefight is style and comfort.

Caballero makes all of his new employees and media types who visit his factory take a point blank gunshot to the stomach. After the jump, check out an awesome video of a reporter signing his life away and then taking a bullet to show off one of Caballero’s armored leather coats.

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