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World Of Warcraft Custom Guild Tabard Shirt

Some people who play World Of Warcraft have more friends in-game than in the real world. Typically, when one has built up enough friends online, they form a guild. Once everyone has decided on a guild tabard, it’s time to show off a little guild pride by flaunting the virtual garment around a virtual city. But what if your guild ...

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Guy Plays World Of Warcraft All By Himself

It’s a no-brainer that some people play WoW a little too much. MMORPGs have always been about investing an insane amount of time to develop your character. We won’t ridicule forum-goer Gamer Prepared who runs 36 accounts of World of Warcraft because after all, that requires a serious gaming rig. What better way to eliminate the entire purpose of playing ...

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Heavily Armored World Of Warcraft Mouse

Sometimes a normal mouse just won’t cut it. When you’re going to be spending the next three weeks of your life farming gold because you’ve already reached the max level in World Of Warcraft, you’re going to need a mouse that’s not going to flake out on you. Enter SteelSeries’ new World Of Wacraft themed gaming mouse. It’s got the ...

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