World Of Warcraft Custom Guild Tabard Shirt

Some people who play World Of Warcraft have more friends in-game than in the real world. Typically, when one has built up enough friends online, they form a guild. Once everyone has decided on a guild tabard, it’s time to show off a little guild pride by flaunting the virtual garment around a virtual city.

But what if your guild tabard wasn’t a virtual garment? What if it were as real as any other shirt? That’s the idea behind the custom World Of Warcraft tabard creator. It’s a program that lets you design your own one-of-a-kind t-shirt which displays your guild name, your specific tabard design, your character name, realm name, race and class. That way, if you ever happen to run in to a fellow guildie out in the real world, you two won’t be strangers.

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  1. Is there another site for this service? For creating a wow tablard guild shirt?
    The links here don’t work. :/

  2. I would like to know the same. Would love to create one for my guild. 😀 Maybe even send them out as Christmas gifts to some guildies.

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