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Gaming for Quadriplegics: That deaf, dumb, and blind kid sure plays a mean Wii Pong

We wish paralysis on no human being, but that doesn’t mean we can’t envy them! Frankly, the Gravitonus created Alternative Computer Control System (ACCS) looks pretty amazing. The ACCS system constantly monitors the body position, temperature, and pressure on different body parts. The ACCS is already being effectively used with Spinal Cord Injury patients, and could revolutionize the way disabled ...

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Thanko USB Wiimote Charger

Thanko Japan’s USB Wiimote Charger is something many gamers have been waiting for. Having to go out to the store to buy new batteries twice a week just isn’t cutting it for us Wii players. The USB Charger comes with a cradle, a special Nickel battery, and a battery cover compatible with the charger. The charger works on any USB ...

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USB Heating Blanket steadies your gamer touch

Nothing interferes with a gamer’s coordination more than alcohol and coldness. With many cold nights still ahead, give your nervous system a break with this USB Heating Blanket made by USB gadget guru, Brando. It’s perfect for those days where a sweat shirt just isn’t enough. Since we have connections with many geeks who live in their parents basement, we ...

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Ideazon Gaming Keyboard, Feel The Butterfly!

Ideazon might not be a “well-known” name in the tech macro world, but heavy gamers (and by heavy I don’t mean obese) might know them from their Zboards which come with custom key placement for specific games. Though for those who would rather not have to buy a new layout everytime they bought a new game, Ideazon also offers a ...

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