Ideazon Gaming Keyboard, Feel The Butterfly!

ideazon merc gaming keyboard

Ideazon might not be a “well-known” name in the tech macro world, but heavy gamers (and by heavy I don’t mean obese) might know them from their Zboards which come with custom key placement for specific games. Though for those who would rather not have to buy a new layout everytime they bought a new game, Ideazon also offers a more traditional board called the MERC.

The MERC has all the needs of a normal keyboard. Qwerty layout, number and function keys and other basic hot keys, but the left side is a whole other story. Loaded with 45 buttons specifically for gaming, such as a “jumping” button, or a “crouching” button, which is sure to make chatting with friends on MMORPG’s a bit less time involved. Some might feel uncomfortable with the QWERTY keys with its off-center position on the keyboard, which most of us have become so accustomed too, but we think would be a nice change for someone bored of the normal keyboard and is a cheaper alternative to the Zboard. If the off-centerness bothers you, then don’t use it n00b. — Andrew Dobrow

Ideazon MERC Gaming Keyboard [OhGizmo!]

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