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GameCube Portable: The Flip-Top GameCube Might as Well Have Legs

While GameCube was never my favorite console (I don’t recall ever playing on it much to be honest), I’m always happy to see a portable port of a gaming console that was simply not-so-portable in its original state. The Flip-Top GameCube design by Mike Szczys allows gamers to bring the game wherever they may roam, including under my neighbor’s bed… ...

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The Evolution of Nintendo Controllers

Nintendo really sort of lost it with that GameCube controller. Eight buttons? Not even counting the sticks or the control pad. Was that really necessary? With the Wii, Nintendo took us back to their simpler hey-day. It’s too bad the console is such shit. But in the Wii’s defense, the new Wii Super Mario Bros. game is a saving grace. ...

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GameCube Redesigned To Purposely Be A Pain In The Ass

We’re not saying that GameCube was the smoothest gaming console to begin with (or even one of our top 5 choices) but it was certainly nowhere near as irritating as the purposely frustrating Frube. Even the colors chosen for this device are annoying as hell. The Frube gives the GameCube a new parallelogram shape which makes the system almost impossible ...

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