GameCube Portable: The Flip-Top GameCube Might as Well Have Legs

While GameCube was never my favorite console (I don’t recall ever playing on it much to be honest), I’m always happy to see a portable port of a gaming console that was simply not-so-portable in its original state. The Flip-Top GameCube design by Mike Szczys allows gamers to bring the game wherever they may roam, including under my neighbor’s bed… where I have never, ever been. Especially last night. And I don’t have the cat scratches to prove it.

The disc drive is revealed by flipping up the display console, a nice way to save some space and make the device easy enough to slip into your pocket. Well, it might not be small enough to fit in just any pocket, but as long as you grab yourself a pair of the iGottaBigAssPocket jeans, you should be fine. Hit the jump for a video demo.

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