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Automatic Cake Decorator Lets Grandma Take a Load Off

It’s not that I’m against over-working geriatrics, but I’m very pro-properly decorated baked goods. And a tired grandma is an unmotivated grandma. Which is where the Automatic Cake Decorator comes into play. Grandma has spent about 45 minutes on her feet, icing and assembling the cake that I demanded for my birthday with the threat of a hellish tantrum if ...

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Spinning LEGOs Produce 3-D Blobs

Three-dimensional printing is tough. That is, if you don’t make one out of LEGOs. Gene Hacker posted his creation on Instructables: a 3-D printer made out of LEGO bricks. It’s still in its infancy of development but is more than capable of rendering 3-D blobs of frosting. Unlike regular Cartesian system printers, the one Gene built operates in polar coordinates, ...

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Make your own Rubik Cake: Mmm, Mmm…Puzzling!

We have seen our fair share of cool geeky cakes, but this is the first one we have seen that comes with a tutorial to actually make it yourself. This Rubik Cube Cake is truly as cool as the arctic tundra. Just plain geek-o-rific. Using some skilled frosting cutting and lots of strategically placed food coloring, you to can win ...

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