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5 Games That Never Saw The Light Of Day

The video game industry comes up with a lot of crap. But now and then, there comes a game which everyone holds their breathe for, anticipating its release like a child on his birthday waiting for gifts. Then the inevitable shoot down, when you realize all you’ve gotten for a whole year of being a spoiled brat is a lousy ...

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Five Keyboards Beaten With The Ugly Stick

The crew over at InventorSpot decided to name five keyboards they thought were beat up with an ugly stick. We’re talking about keyboards you wouldn’t be caught dead with on your desk. And after checking out all five, we can see why. The Hello Kitty keyboard reminds me of AIDS mixed with a pile of bile and pink frosting. And ...

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Hey Ma, Look! I Can Tat-Too!

Emilie Darrigade is the world’s youngest tattoo artist. Having worked on her father’s tattoo at the age of five in a Montreal tattoo parlor while under the supervision of expert tattooist Robin Labreche, Emilie managed to fill in a black and yellow bumble bee on her father’s arms without going outside of the lines. Excellent Emilie. You get a gold ...

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Lego Johnny Five Lacks Emotions

Anyone who grew up in the ’80s remembers Johnny Five of Short Circuit. The perfect killing machine with absolutely no desire to kill after having disbanded its deadly laser beam weaponry in favor of a pocket knife. Yea, Johnny Five’s a robo-boy scout but his redeeming quality is his vast knowledge of pop-culture. As tribute to the friendliest librarian robot ...

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