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Second Generation Drobo Improves Performance And Spank Bank

For the past few years, I’ve run out of storage space on my PC for all my pornography media files.� It’s a total bummer, considering the rest of my processes have to suffer due to a lack of porn-holding storage space.� The good news is that Data Robotics has launched the second-generation model of its award-winning Drobo enclosure. FireWire 800 ...

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DIY: Copy Camcorder Tapes to your computer

This might be a somewhat unorthodox DIY since you’re not really “making” anything, but it’s as equally useful as other tutorials. Digital camcorders aren’t exactly user-friendly compatible, if you’ve been wanting to transfer old camcorder video to your computer to throw on YouTube you might have a difficult time. This step-by-step tutorial, complete with idiot friendly image instructions, will show ...

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LaCie Huby stylishly takes over your desktop

The recently announced for pre-orders LaCie Huby can remake your desktop and serve an actual purpose at the same time. It’s design is obviously unique, as are all of the objects designed by Ora- ?to (whose resume includes the spherical OGO water bottle). This stylistic hydra of a hub allows for 4 USB 2.0 ports, 2 Firewire 400 pots, a ...

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