Second Generation Drobo Improves Performance And Spank Bank

For the past few years, I’ve run out of storage space on my PC for all my pornography media files.� It’s a total bummer, considering the rest of my processes have to suffer due to a lack of porn-holding storage space.� The good news is that Data Robotics has launched the second-generation model of its award-winning Drobo enclosure. FireWire 800 alongside improved USB 2.0 performance and an upgraded core processor make the next-generation Drobo more efficient at managing and storing digital information than a 150GB hard drive chock full of porn.

Regular hard drives just don’t cut it anymore. They aren’t expandable and most don’t have anywhere near 16 TB of data storage. For those who find themselves managing vast amounts of porn data and can’t afford to sacrifice performance, the Drobo is an ideal way to solve your masturbation data problem.

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