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Classic Video Game Songs Get Lyrics

Aspiring musician and YouTube star Fredde Gredde might not have the most pure talent we’ve ever seen (nothing some good audio software couldn’t fix), Freddie25 has a way with melody and creating medleys of niche-y topics. This time around he’s created a medley of classic video game music, complete with homemade lyrics. We’ve seen Japanese adaptations of the Super Mario ...

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Starcraft II Mod Gives Blizzard a Final Fantasy-Inspired Turn-Based Edge

Some people expected that Starcraft II might have been an MMORPG similar to that of World of Warcraft. While that turned out to be false, YouTube user SkriK uses Starcraft II‘s Galaxy Map Editor to create a modification which allows the game to have a Final Fantasy-esque turn-based combat system. So while it might not be as fully-functioning or offer ...

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Final Fantasy XIII Gameplay Hits YouTube

Oh boy. Look what we have here! Some brand spankin’ new Final Fantasy XIII footage has hit the YouTubes and this time around, it’s no pre-rendered bullshit. No, sir. This time, we have some live gameplay that was captured by an adoring fan. After watching the video for about five minutes, I have to officially state that I am excited ...

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Breaking: Square-Enix Buys Eidos

Whether you’re a fan of Lara Croft or just get a boner for anything Final Fantasy related, you’ll now be pleased to know that Eidos has accepted a bid of about $118 million from Square-Enix. This could very well mean that in the not-too-distant future, Square characters could be making their way to Eidos titles and vice versa. Actually, fat ...

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