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The Burnout Machine

Ever seen a radical car do a crazy burn out in the movies? It seems Steven Laurie was big on watching that kind of stuff. So big that he decided to make his very own Burnout Machine. It looks like a moving dolly mixed with a lawnmower to be quite honest. The machine works by powering it up and revving ...

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Origami V12 Engine

Montreal native Yee is crazy for origami. Offering DIY kits on his site, you too can create an origami V12 paper engine that pumps just like the real thing (with the help of electrical wires, a resistor, a motor and a battery holder).? Damn shame it can’t power a car with pencil shavings. Well, there’s always the next millennia.Link (via)

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NES Controller Car Engine Mod: Just Another Attempt At Geek Cred

You might have your car’s interior and sound system down as far as geeky prowess goes, but what lurks under the hood? A standard engine just won’t do for my fellow car modding comrades, oh no! We need more! Better! Geekier! The owner of this car is such a huge fan of the NES console, that he modded a NES ...

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Yamaha’s hybrid electric bike saves you when you need it the most

We have seen hybrid cars for a while, now we have hybrid bikes. These new Yamaha bikes can store up energy in a Lithium battery when you are cycling, and helps you by releasing power when you are going upslope. This is all done by sophisticated sensors, and by not helping you at all when it detects that you are ...

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