Yamaha’s hybrid electric bike saves you when you need it the most

yamaha pas bikes

We have seen hybrid cars for a while, now we have hybrid bikes. These new Yamaha bikes can store up energy in a Lithium battery when you are cycling, and helps you by releasing power when you are going upslope. This is all done by sophisticated sensors, and by not helping you at all when it detects that you are on flat ground or running down the hill. However, in case you are too tired to cycle back home after a day of work, you can still use the energy saved up from the morning (that is, if you have tried hard enough in the morning), Yamaha claims that it can drive you across a distance of 104km. Of course, these claims are based on lab investigations, in real life it depends on how heavy you are. In Japan, these bikes will cost you between $770 to $1200 depends on which model you pick. — Sam Chan

PAS bikes [Yamaha Motors]

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