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Hacking the app called the book

Jonathan Safran Foer's new book, The Tree of Codes, has a marvelous title. But the real marvel begins when you turn the cover to find that the story is literally carved out of another work�namely, The Street of Crocodiles, the 1934 cycle of short stories by martyred Polish writer Bruno Schulz. There's a gadget angle to all this, but you'll have to follow the jump for it.

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Children’s ebooks phone home

Isabella Products, a maker of wireless digital picture frames, has teamed up with publishing giant Houghton Mifflin Harcourt to bring a children's e-reader to market next summer. Called the Fable, the device will be marketed as a networked color tablet for kids, and will feature a 7-inch color touchscreen and a wireless networking over a secure, managed connection.

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Amazon Launches Kindle iPhone App

Wow. That was, like, really quick Mr. Bezos. Nice work. Amazon decided to make an incredibly smart business decision and today released an iPhone Kindle app that allows you to download books on the go and read them on your iPhone. It’s a much cheaper way to enjoy the Kindle’s unique features on the device you prefer. Oh, and the ...

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Tons Of Hacking Books Available Online For Free

Fancy a PDF read on a new topic? Of course you do! Learning is essential to getting into a hacker mindset. How are you going to exploit a server’s vulnerabilities without knowing any Perl? Lucky for us, the team at HackNMod found some shady FTP site (with an HTML-based index) that features hundreds of scanned books in PDF form. You’ll ...

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Intel’s Metro Notebook concept for the fashionable urbanite

Intel has some pretty cool stuff up their sleeves as of late. This “Metro Notebook” concept is Intel’s attempt at creating a restyled, ultra-slim and ultra-light laptop that takes into consideration, the young urbanites need for class and style. The sub-0.7 thick, 1 kg sized Metro has an outside display built into the back of the monitor which serves as ...

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Sharp RD-CX100 entertains and informs

This sweet little eBook reader and mp3 player from Sharp boasts a 4.3″ TFT LCD display and Voxware audio technology. So far, the only eBooks available for the RD-CX100 are dictionaries, but Sharp already has 63 different dictionaries for it! No word on how much storage space it has, or whether the QWERTY keyboard hints at text-entry capability. There is ...

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