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Duck Hunt Lamp: No Cartridge Blowing Required

Before gaming became complex enough to warrant entire guide books, there were casual games which required only skill, practice, timing and coordination. Duck Hunt was one of the least complex games in gaming history. Shoot at the ducks, that is it. But despite its simplicity, Duck Hunt was a hit, one of the most popular NES games and one that ...

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Duck Hunt T-Shirt

I was playing Duck Hunt the other day for the first time in around 15 years and it made me realize just how great of game it really was/is. I don’t know if it was just because it played such a big role in my childhood, but the game is just painfully addicting, even without the awesome gun controller (I ...

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Duck Hunt Sweater: Be a Modern Day Mr. Rogers

For those of us who were raised during the 80s and 90s, Duck Hunt brings back memories of hours of pointing a gun at our televisions. If you grew up during the peak years of the NES, Duck Hunt was the coolest thing on the market, one of the only games at the time that had a dedicated peripheral. But ...

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What If Your NES Played Shoes Instead Of Cartidges?

Nike is crazy about Nintendo. Not only does it make shoes that emulate the retro stylings of the classic NES controller, but now it’s producing t-shirts modeled after the packaging of the classic Nintendo Duck Hunt game. The only difference is Nike shoes have taken the place of the traditional packaging showcasing the NES cart. Oh, that and it now ...

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