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Xbox 360: Now Cheaper and Still Plenty of Fun

What’s this? The price drop for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is official and not exclusive to just the Arcade version of the Xbox 360? Xbox 360 Arcade will now retail for a price of $199.99, the standard 360 console for $299.99 and the Elite for $399.99. This gives the 360 the “cheapest system” title, taking the place of the $249.99 Nintendo ...

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Yes, Another 360 Price Drop

That’s right, this SKU lookup clearly shows a price change from the old $279.99 price to $199.99 for the Xbox 360 Arcade. Damn, a 360 is almost as cheap as a Nintendo DS. Amazing.� Remember kids, the Xbox 360 Arcade won’t come with a hard drive, so gaming online is a no-go unless you shell out an extra $100 dollars ...

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The most extreme camera test in the world: how tough are “tough” cameras?

When we talk about reviewing cameras, most people will think about the image quality, user interface, external design and so on. When those outdoor anti-drop anti-dust anti-splash cameras get reviewed, nobody seems to have the guts to actually test if the camera can really withstand what it claims it can. Chinese site PConline has tested the Olympus [mju:] 770 SW ...

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