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Giving Wine A Breath Of Fresh Air, And Looking Good While Doing It

If you’ve been known to be a bit of a wino (maybe even perusing your share of fine art), you probably know that allowing the air to hit your wine is an important part of the tasting experience. Sure, sticking a penis in the bottle will stop the air from reaching it too early, but what about when you actually ...

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Sippy Mask Sucks Some Face

Resembling a hazmat mask made of bubble wrap, the Sippy Mask looks about as comfortable as a deep prostate exam and has a usage which is equally vague and nonexistent. But how can you go wrong with a face covering straw? The Sippy Mask is also said to glow under a black light, which makes midnight sipping a glow-in-the-slightly-dark experience. ...

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Drink Selector Mug Aids Your Slave In Serving The Right Drink

I take my coffee like I take my woman. Bitter, with a dash of hazelnut and a pair of work boots to the testes. The Drink Selector Mug offers interchangeable rotating bands which clearly states which drink contents you are currently interested in. And while it can’t deliver a brute face bashing or scare you into saving the environment, it ...

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Hammer Flask Makes You Feel Like A Real Man

If your drinking buddies are the type of people to use the statement, “hammer down some shots”, the next time they utter these words you can offer them a little surprise with the Hammer Flask. The fully-working hammer is hollowed out in order to store your favorite beverage. If you’re part of the manual labor workforce, a Hammer Flask can ...

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