Hammer Flask Makes You Feel Like A Real Man


If your drinking buddies are the type of people to use the statement, “hammer down some shots”, the next time they utter these words you can offer them a little surprise with the Hammer Flask. The fully-working hammer is hollowed out in order to store your favorite beverage.

If you’re part of the manual labor workforce, a Hammer Flask can save you from flipping out on your supervisor. Just take a swig of the old Jack (hammer), and let your problems melt away. It would probably work wonders on pain if you were to miss a nail and hit your finger instead. Get your own for $20. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Ah, the very clever idea of putting DIY and drinking together – I’m sure emergency room doctors’ll love this gadget 😛

    (I’d quite like one myself though)

  2. I own one of these … I love it … the only problem is it only holds 1 shot … what about those days where 1 shot isn’t quite enough??? I’d prefer to not carry 5 hammers on me! 🙂 Otherwise, it’s awesome!!!!!

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