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Lock ‘Em Out With Text Messaging

If someone ever stole my car, I’d wish for a feature that would allow me to cause my car to blow up via text message. That’s kind of the idea behind Lenovo’s latest notebook feature: Lenovo Constant Secure Remote Disable Feature. Important data on your computer that you can’t have falling into the wrong hands? A porn library you can’t ...

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Apple’s Core Location Blacklist Is The Truth

Remember Apple’s dirty little secret? It’s no mystery that Apple has complete control over your iPhone, after all, Apple made it. Well, it turns out that that shoddy little news about a blacklist is possibly true. Daringfireball.net (they’re gay for iPhones) reports how potentially malicious or useless applications that don’t meet Apple’s standards could be revoked not only off of ...

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Apple’s Dirty Little Secret

Did you know that Apple has complete control over your iPhone? If you download an application from the App Store that is later removed, like I Am Rich, it’s normally no big deal. There’s simply no cause for alarm. But what if someone had uploaded a secret malicious application and it was installed on iPhones across the country? No problemo. ...

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