Apple’s Core Location Blacklist Is The Truth

Remember Apple’s dirty little secret? It’s no mystery that Apple has complete control over your iPhone, after all, Apple made it. Well, it turns out that that shoddy little news about a blacklist is possibly true. (they’re gay for iPhones) reports how potentially malicious or useless applications that don’t meet Apple’s standards could be revoked not only off of the App Store but also off of any individual iPhone carrying the app.

It is not a blacklist for disabling apps completely, but rather specifically for preventing any listed apps from accessing Core Location � an API which, for obvious privacy reasons, is covered by very strict rules in the iPhone SDK guidelines.

Here’s what happens when you access this URL:

{ “Date Generated” = “2008-08-08 16:32:10 Etc/GMT”; “BlackListedApps” = { “com.mal.icious” = { “Description” = “Being really bad!”; “App Name” = “Malicious”; “Date Revoked” = “2004-02-01 08:00:00 Etc/GMT”; }; }; }

So it’s true. If that’s the case can we see the I Am Rich application blacklisted, please?


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