Lock ‘Em Out With Text Messaging

If someone ever stole my car, I’d wish for a feature that would allow me to cause my car to blow up via text message. That’s kind of the idea behind Lenovo’s latest notebook feature: Lenovo Constant Secure Remote Disable Feature.

Important data on your computer that you can’t have falling into the wrong hands? A porn library you can’t possibly have your wife stumbling upon? This new service will prevent any such scenarios by allowing the laptop’s owner to shut the computer down over a WWAN connection and lock it. All it takes is a simple text message from a cell phone to cripple your notebook’s capabilities. That will teach them to mess with your stuff! Look for this new feature around Q1 2009 on Lenovo notebooks at no additional charge.

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  1. Comment from: http://www.aabtraining.co.uk/cctv.htm

    Ok so here is the problem that I see with this technology…how long until someone hacks the system and then shuts my notebook down?

    Is there a way to unlock it?
    I am guessing it is password protected…thats all very well until you dont have the password and someone locks the thing, then what?
    Is it the same as having your mobile phone locked, this will probably result in some frustration for some users…oh and who leaves their notebook un password protected anyway??

    And then that brings us to CCTV Training for CCTV license in the security sector seems to become
    More important as data protection principles are being enforced by the SIA.

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