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Stick It: The Gorillapad Camera Tripod

Have you ever been out with your digital camera and wish you had a tripod? It’s happened to me many times and while a tripod can dramatically improve your shot, they’re just not practical to carry around. Enter the Gorillapad. This tripod uses a “viscoelastic morphing polymer base” to stick to almost any surface, effectively turning anything into a usable ...

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Ricoh CX1 Digital Camera

I often choose not to write about the thousands of digital cameras that come out each week due to the fact that you can simply walk into your local Walmart, slap down $120 and walk out with some 10.1-megapixel compact shooter. Who needs to learn about how many 8, 9 or 10-MP cameras came out with the same crappy features? ...

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LEGO Electronics

Your kids will be going crazy later this year, as LEGO will be coming out with its own line of consumer electronics such as digital cameras, walkie talkies and a whole lot more. Electronics company Digital Blue will partner with LEGO to create the devices, which will feature design that draws from LEGO bricks. You won’t be able to break ...

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Target Gift Cards Feature Digicam

Remember a few years ago, when the Nintendo Wii came out, how Target had light-up gift cards that made people go batshit crazy? Well Target realized how great free hype is for your company so it’s decided to up the ante this time. When you’re shopping this month, stop by a Target to get a gift card that features a ...

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Flee Aerial Digital Camera Allows For Soaring Shots

Here’s a really cool gadget that was totally made for the extreme sports industry. It’s called the Flee Digital Camera and was designed for aerial photography. It looks like a NERF toy of some sort crossed with badminton and it works like so: As soon as the Flee launches, it begins to snap multiple photos at a speed interval of ...

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Idiot-proof camera: The Fujifilm FinePix S6500fd

Are you an aspiring photographer who just can�t seem to find people�s faces when taking a picture? Well if you are, the Fujifilm FinePix  S6500fd is perfect for you. This 6-megapixel camera is the first to come with face detection technology. What is face detection technology you might ask? Well, when you are preparing to take a picture, you hit ...

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