Idiot-proof camera: The Fujifilm FinePix S6500fd

fujifilm finepix s6500fdAre you an aspiring photographer who just can�t seem to find people�s faces when taking a picture? Well if you are, the Fujifilm FinePix  S6500fd is perfect for you. This 6-megapixel camera is the first to come with face detection technology. What is face detection technology you might ask? Well, when you are preparing to take a picture, you hit the �face� button, and the camera will scan the picture for 2 eyes and a mouth. Once it finds those, it will make a box around the face and track it around the picture. Ok, this is pointless. With the time it takes to scan the image, you could look at the screen and spend oh, maybe 2 seconds to find a face. Honestly how hard is it to find a person�s face on a screen? Anyways, some other features included in the  FinePix S6500fd include a 10.7x zoom, which is pretty impressive, and a 2.5 inch LCD. This beast of a camera also comes with 10MB of memory and a 300 picture battery. This is a good camera for amateurs, but for nearly $500, it�s a little much for the FinePix S6500fd. Maybe they were hoping that the idiots who need face detection technology will be duped into paying $500 for this camera. — Nick Rice

FinePix  S6500fd [via Gadget Candy]

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