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Your kids will be going crazy later this year, as LEGO will be coming out with its own line of consumer electronics such as digital cameras, walkie talkies and a whole lot more. Electronics company Digital Blue will partner with LEGO to create the devices, which will feature design that draws from LEGO bricks. You won’t be able to break apart your digicam or USB drive, but it’ll still look like you built it yourself.

Word is that LEGO is going full out with this electronics push, releasing alarm clocks and even boomboxes made from the good stuff. Kids and geeks should try to contain themselves. Look for these goods to hit store shelves later this year.


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  1. They have alot of that stuff similar to that in Urban Outfitters already. Pretty sure there not from Lego, but very similar. Heres an Ipod speaker and Dock.

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