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Hand-Cranked iPhone Charging Case

Every minute of hand-cranking generates five extra minutes of charge time. On top of the ever-ending charge crank action, the case itself provides a 15%-20% boost. So theoretically, we're talking infinite iPhone.

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Crank It Up: Solar-Energy FM Radio

So this isn’t really anything extravagant, but sometimes the best gadgets are the ones that operate in a simple fashion. This AM/FM radio has a bit of a DIY look with the old-school silver button on the top and the solar panel feeding it energy. There’s also a hand crank in case you live in Seattle or Alaska. It can’t ...

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Dynamo LED mosquito repellant sounds cool, does it work?

Mosquito bites suck. There are no if-ands-or-buts about it. Aside from the possibility of contracting malaria or dingue fever, those bumps itch like hell. Leave it to the geeks to create a cool solution to this problem. The Dynamo Mosquito-Repellent LED Flashlight makes for a sweet flashlight, and it only costs $9. So the LED works great, you just turn ...

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