Dynamo LED mosquito repellant sounds cool, does it work?

dynamo mosquito

Mosquito bites suck. There are no if-ands-or-buts about it. Aside from the possibility of contracting malaria or dingue fever, those bumps itch like hell. Leave it to the geeks to create a cool solution to this problem.

The Dynamo Mosquito-Repellent LED Flashlight makes for a sweet flashlight, and it only costs $9. So the LED works great, you just turn the crank and the need for batteries is erased, so how does the repellant work? No one knows. Not even the product site gives us some kind of insight as to why they claim that to be a funtion. Do LEDs repell insects? Please, do tell. –Nik Gomez

Dynamo Mosquito-Repellent LED Flashlight [via Gizmowatch]

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