Hand-Cranked iPhone Charging Case


Are you ready to party like it’s 1699? Rock out with your harpsichord out. Sooo, is that a C-sharp or are you just happy to see me? Just kidding, clearly a B-flat. Buuurn!

Whip out your over-sized ear horn and pedal in my general direction. The Gridcase Reactor is part iPhone case, part hand-cranked charge booster.

Every minute of hand-cranking generates five extra minutes of charge time. On top of the ever-ending charge crank action, the case itself provides a 15%-20% boost. So theoretically, we’re talking infinite iPhone. Sore wrist, but infinite iPhone nevertheless.

The crank mechanism is removable, so the case will fit snugly in your pantaloons. Early adopters can snag the case for $99. Wait it out, you’ll have to throw in a few more bucks at $129.


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