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The Real Deal: Portal Gun

I don’t know what to say. What do you think I should say? Look at this fucking gun. It’s a life-size 1:1 replica of the Portal gun. Like dead on to every detail. It even glows blue. What the fuck is up with that? Some chick made it for cosplay. Yeah, cosplay. Such a waste… At least it blows previously ...

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Cybertek Wings: Expensive Cosplay Prop

So you and those exchange students from Japan decided to go out in the woods next Sunday for some cosplay. While you’re busy cutting fabric, your newfound buddies are busy welding metal together and building mechbots. You need some pizzaz for your outfit and these mechanical wings from Cybertek should do the trick. Costing $1000 and ensuring you won’t have ...

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Wearable Tentacle: Hentai Prop Or Cosplay Tool?

Whether it be used as a prop in a fantasy Hentai porno flick, or simply just another tool of the trade for people into cosplay, anyone can find a use for a tentacle arm. Say you have a pet or a very young sibling, a tentacle could be an amazing way to just scare the living shit out of them. ...

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