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Cat Bed Made From Recycled Monitor Makes For Good LOLcat Jokes

DO NOT WANT! Ok, maybe we do want. This recycled computer monitor has been made into a little bachelor pad for kitty. An old mouse has even been made into a new mouse, as a rodent cat toy. We don’t know where kitty stashes his cat nip now, and we don’t want to know. At least he’ll have his own ...

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RoCo Robotic Computer Monitor feels your pain

A research project by MIT Media Lab’s Affective Computing Group has sprung up RoCo, an interesting robotic computer monitor prototype. RoCo is not your everyday monitor. This monitor will be able to cater to human emotions and needs. How can a monitor cater to human needs? …capable of recognizing and physically responding to human socio-emotive cues such as postural shifts ...

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The Microsoft eToilet: a throne for the digestively challenged

Some people are so extremely busy that serious harm is caused to their digestive system by the long waits they put themselves through to use the toilet as they stare idly into the computer screen. Other people just have a hard time holding it in and have to run to the toilet 40 times a day. For those of you ...

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