RoCo Robotic Computer Monitor feels your pain


A research project by MIT Media Lab’s Affective Computing Group has sprung up RoCo, an interesting robotic computer monitor prototype. RoCo is not your everyday monitor. This monitor will be able to cater to human emotions and needs. How can a monitor cater to human needs?

…capable of recognizing and physically responding to human socio-emotive cues such as postural shifts in principled ways. These cues are inspired by those found in human-human interaction, to foster a more natural, healthy, and productive human-computer interaction.

Ergonomically speaking, RoCo is sure to work wonders. By strategically positioning itself, RoCo encourages the user to sit in a optimal position for their mental state and stature. The RoCo prototype has an articulated neck and head that can fluidly move in respect to its base. Researchers are currently in the works of developing algorithms to let the computer feel your pain. — Andrew Dobrow

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