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iPad Disguise Deters Thieves From Jacking Your Goods

While you’ll have to make sure you’re standing in the corner, or at least somewhere a mugger isn’t likely to be looming behind you, this clever iPad disguise hides your precious device in an actual newspaper, deterring muggers from getting all up in your grill, yo. Depending on who you want to impress, this could also be a good way ...

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Thomas Pink Commuter Tie Holds Your iPod As You Mosey

I’ve hid my iPod in worse places trying to smuggle it into my office building. The Thomas Pink Commuter Tie has a special compartment built into its backside that holds the iPod. Not only is this great for listening to tunes during your commute, but helps smuggle the device into your office without looking like a slacker hippie. Oh, and ...

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Duracell Charger Is Good To Go

Portable devices are with you wherever you go. That’s exactly why Duracell wants to charge your phone or iPod. By powering handheld devices with its PowerSource Mini, Duracell can save you precious battery life so long as you charge via mini USB. Currently it comes in two forms: one for your iPod and the other to power your BlackBerry. This ...

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