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Airbag Helmet Stuffed Inside of a Collar Made for High Fashion

The Hvding (Swedish for “chieftain”), is an airbag designed for cyclists with a taste in fashion that isn’t traditional amongst the biking community. Though we’re confident it works just fine with pimped out mobility scooters as well. Designed by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, the Hvding collar contains gyroscopes and accelerometers which constantly monitor your movements, releasing the airbag hidden ...

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Bark4Beer Collar: They Don’t Call Them Man’s Best Friend For Nothing

Once called man’s best friend for their propensity to hunt our food and save our lives if we happened to fall into a raging river, dog’s have quite different responsibilities these days. For one, they only thing most dog’s hunt are crumbs and chew toys. And the only thing they save us from is sobriety. The Bark4Beer Collar allows you ...

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GPS Chastity Belt Or Kinky Hide And Seek?

Ooh, nice hips. Fancy keeping track of your girl because you’re an obsessive douche? Then Brazilian designer Lucia Lorio’s “Find Me If You Can” lingerie line isn’t quite for you. Consisting of a lace bodice, bikini bottom and faux pearl collar, it’d almost be ordinary lingerie attire if it wasn’t for the GPS device visibly tucked away in the bodice. ...

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Retrieva Keeps A GPS-Aided Eye On Your Pooch (And You)

Dogs aren’t called “man’s best friend” for no reason. Most pet owners would put their own life and limb at risk to keep their pet safe. The feeling that your dog is lost somewhere in the wild is one of the scariest thoughts a pet owner can experience. Retrieva is a system which keeps tabs on your dog with a ...

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Office Collar Stops You From Gnawing On Your Coworkers

How can we not be distracted at the office when all of our coworkers are wearing such low cut blouses? The chest hair is just overwhelming. The Office Collar resembles the collar the vet gave me after I had to get neutered, so I couldn’t lick my wounds. Wearing the Office Collar creates your own private cubicle for your head, ...

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