Retrieva Keeps A GPS-Aided Eye On Your Pooch (And You)


Dogs aren’t called “man’s best friend” for no reason. Most pet owners would put their own life and limb at risk to keep their pet safe. The feeling that your dog is lost somewhere in the wild is one of the scariest thoughts a pet owner can experience. Retrieva is a system which keeps tabs on your dog with a GPS-enabled collar.

The sat-nav collars allows users to sign into a website to pinpoint the location of their dog, whenever the loved pet goes missing. Retrieva uses three different tracking waves; satellite, telecom and radio transmitters. So if you’re out walking your dog and you get pugged, a special panic button notifies your friend that you might be dead. But any good dog that isn’t a little puss should protect you from that in the first place. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. To lose a beloved dog is a very heartbreaking experience. To avert this unfortunate incident from happening, it would be best to attach a GPS tracking system to your dog’s collar which will help you get his whereabouts 24X7.

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