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Farmville Coasters Bring (The Most Annoying) Botany (Ever) to Your Beverage

I haven’t had this many drinks on a farm since, well, ever. Ok, there was that one time in Tijuana, but let’s change the subject, shall we? STOP GIVING ME THAT LOOK. I swear, the horse was asking for it! Farmville Coasters complete your obsessive attempt to integrate fake farming into your daily life. Congratulations, you’ve never had a withered ...

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Stargate Coasters: Search the Warmhole For a Decent Cup of Coffee

How many universes does a man have to search through to find a decent cup of joe in this joint? These Stargate Coasters provide you with easy access to Gou’ald and Replicator coffee cafes. It’s just our luck that the best coffee can only be found in enemy alien coffee shops. Warning: there is a clear disclaimer warning that the ...

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Space Invaders Drink Coasters

(sung to the tune of ‘Copacabana’) If you are feeling, Feeling nostalgic Just mix a drink and get away There simply is no other way! Then you’ve got aliens Invading from space You’ve got to shoot them down If you don’t you’ll make them frown Down at the Space, Space Invaders You’ll be staying DIY With these coasters, they’re so ...

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Etsy: Plush 5.25-inch Disks

Coffee stains on your tables are not cool. Etsy, however, is. That’s why you should check out these plush coasters from Jocelyn Kelly. She designed them to resemble those old 5.25-inch floppy disks from back in the day. And I’m talking way back in the day. The set comes with black, grey, yellow, red, blue and green disks and will ...

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Pixel Art With Perforated Coasters

You’ve got to complete the pixelated feng shui you were going for at your pad. Finally, coasters that’ll match your wallpaper and yard decorations. At first glance, these look no different than a series of coasters linked together for you to rip off accordingly. But, upon closer inspection, they turn out to be so much more than that. Each coaster ...

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Authentic circuitboard coasters prove your geekiness

Coasters, you know you only use them at guest’s homes when they are paranoid about their brand new furniture. They aren’t really a pain, but they aren’t the first thing to come to your mind when you want to drink a cold coke. These circuitboard coasters might not have you rethinking your forgetful ways, but they might look freakin’ awesome ...

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