Authentic circuitboard coasters prove your geekiness

circuitboard coastersCoasters, you know you only use them at guest’s homes when they are paranoid about their brand new furniture. They aren’t really a pain, but they aren’t the first thing to come to your mind when you want to drink a cold coke. These circuitboard coasters might not have you rethinking your forgetful ways, but they might look freakin’ awesome on your coffee table where your guests might want a coaster to be polite. These circuitboard coasters come in packs of six, and each coaster has a different patten on it. The cool thing: they are real circuitboards, not some print that was glued onto a piece of metal. Authentic geek merchandise. Each coaster is 3.75″ in diameter, probably ample room for your coke or coffee mug. — Nik Gomez

Set of Circuitboard Coasters [via I4U News]

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