Farmville Coasters Bring (The Most Annoying) Botany (Ever) to Your Beverage

I haven’t had this many drinks on a farm since, well, ever. Ok, there was that one time in Tijuana, but let’s change the subject, shall we? STOP GIVING ME THAT LOOK. I swear, the horse was asking for it!

Farmville Coasters complete your obsessive attempt to integrate fake farming into your daily life. Congratulations, you’ve never had a withered crop. I’m proud of you. And so is Zynga’s wallet. Place your drink on the plot to enjoy a cup ring free table, in addition to some very annoyed friends. Get your own set for $24.99 if you haven’t already gone bankrupt in an attempt to perfect your virtual property. Farmville coins, dollars, tokens, whatever you people call them, are not accepted.

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