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DIY ear-endoscopy for everyone!

  We don’t know how many of you guys habitually  clean your own ears, some use cotton bud, some use fancy spectulas. The problem of doing that is that you can never see what’s inside… unless you’re performing on somebody else, which is pretty gross. In 2 days, Coden Japan  will start selling this easy-to-use ear endoscope-alike ear cleaning device ...

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Run around the house to make your floor shine

Why does it have to be so much pain to clean the floor? It doesn’t. Why do kids have to make the house dirty? Well, they don’t. The above picture is pretty much self-explanatory. Have all your guests put on these pairs of slippers and you will save hours of cleaning. If you want to mop the floor, simply get ...

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Tune Tether ranks up there with pocket protectors

The Tune Tether is an invention that will probably make you sad. Why? Because it’s an invention that you could have created by yourself. It solves a problem that nearly everyone has had one time or another. When you are listening to your music through headphones and someone wants to talk to you, although your first reaction might be to ...

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