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iPetals Solar iPhone Charger Concept

Resembling some sort of Steve Jobs’ approved sunflower, Mac Funamizu’s iPetals is an elegant and fun method of charging your iPhone through the dasterdly power of the sun. Harness those UVs! Yeah! Dig, dig, dig! Excuse me for that outburst. I knew I shouldn’t workout right before I post.

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Peg Puzzle Player Modular Stereo System

Everything is in its right place. Every element has its own home. A special form fit dock for charging each piece of the Peg Puzzle Player. The Peg Puzzle Player by Jongchul Kim is a modular stereo system which includes nine separate modules. The nine modules communicate through Bluetooth. Each of the nine pieces has their own custom spot on ...

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Camouflaged Cables Fit Right In With Your Jungle Motif

I pray for the day when wireless charging is available to the masses. Charging cables are ugly and a hassle to keep organized. But for now, they’re a mandatory product for us gearheads and gadget freaks. But do the cables really have to be so plain and ugly themselves? I mean, they can be a real eyesore, causing a damper ...

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Bare Your Solio To Me, Arduino

Jonah over at MAKE points out that you can actually make your Arduino a lot greener. How? Use a Solio with an external USB cable to provide your favorite microcontroller with power. If you don’t know what a Solio is, it’s essentially a small solar powered gadget charger. While this isn’t exactly a breathtaking hack or anything like that, it’s ...

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Energizer Energi To Go saves the day for travellers

Now here is a very usefull product from Energizer that nearly every traveller can use. The Energizer Energi To Go allows anyone to take two AA batteries, place then in the Energi To Go, and charge their cellphones or other devices with those AAs. With the problems that are to be had with cellphone batteries dying at unexpected times or ...

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