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Egg For Your Cat!


When it comes to cat toys things can be pretty simple but the new kickstarter project named the Egg is something a little different and a little more interactive!

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Grizzly Cat

Cat versus bear cub: sentimental romp, or nature red in tooth and claw? Watching the two tangle playfully in a Russian hunting camp, the line is hard to draw. Video after the jump.

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House Pets Review the iPad

And much like those of their human counterparts, the reviews are mixed. Chloe the Corgi displays curiosity at first, but then quickly dissolves into aggression and anger. Iggy the kitty, on the other hand, seems to enjoy running her paws along the touch screen. So, really, I guess it just all depends on how you use it. Check out the ...

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When Memes Collide!: Trololo Cat

You see that lol in Trololo? That’s no accident. Check out this resident LOLCat singing along to Trololo as it gets its back rubbed. The kitty just can’t hold it back! When memes collide it’s all over. There’s no resisting it. Don’t even try. Link

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Litter Kwitter Kit Teaches Your Cat How to Use the Toilet

Litter boxes are only one of the many reasons I hate cats and love to watch them be tortured, but it has to be one of the biggest reasons. The idea of a designated area for my cat to shit in my house disgusts me. The potential for bacteria spreading is just too high, not too mention the smell is ...

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Dog Pencil Sharpeners Remind Me of My Weekends

Remember when you were young? Days filled with school, pencils and dog anuses? Ahh, the good old days. I remember it like it were yesterday. Wait a second, that’s because it was yesterday! Thanks to these Dog Pencil Sharpeners. With the help of a mighty pet rectum, our pencils are never dull. The funny this is, we don’t even use ...

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Vintage Typewriters Reinvented

Reminiscent of the City Foundry Bots, in comes a new breed of artsy sculptures made from old tech junk. Jeremy Mayer cleverly reworks old-fashioned typewriters into life-like humanoid sculptures. Occasionally, the wild feral cat is thrown into the mix, but most of his portfolio consists of bipedal robots. The intricacy of design is impeccable. You’d never think all those parts ...

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Cats Do The Darndest Things

Ever since the Internet was created, one popular theme of entertainment has always shown through any of the other bullshit that appears on the Internet: puzzled domesticated animals battling technology. You might have seen a dog versus a vacuum cleaner mouse or perhaps a parakeet fighting some crazy flying Halloween decoration. Cat versus the printer is a new one to ...

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