Egg For Your Cat!

When it comes to cat toys things can be pretty simple but the new kickstarter project named the Egg is something a little different and a little more interactive!


The Egg is designed to keep your cat’s attention by providing them with something more interactive to play with. Unlike some other more advanced toys, the Egg is also easy to use and requires little effort on the part of the cat owner when it comes to play time. The Egg is a small device that works using a gear motor and a weight that causes the egg to move around. The Egg is controlled by the cat owner using a laptop and can be programmed.

The egg device is designed to interact with the cat and can even detect the type of floor on which it’s moving as well as any obstacles that could be in its way. The egg rolls around continuously and with the exception of needing to be charged it can be used to keep kitty busy for hours on end with no intervention from the owner at all.

If you are a more interactive cat owner you can log on to the Egg using your laptop and using different interaction modes on the Egg software you can change how the device works with your cat!

The Egg has not yet been made available to the public since it’s a Kickstarter project, but with $23,837 raised out of a $15,000 goal there is no doubt that this cat toy is going to be a popular one since there are still 26 days left in the Kickstarter project. The approximate delivery date for the first round of the Egg toys is June, 2014. With a funding pledge of just $31 you can have your own fresh of the line Egg toy for your cat!

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