iPad as Chew Toy

Game for Cats” may have the lamest name in the app store�but that doesn’t matter if you’re a cat. You might as well get it�if you have a cat and an iPad, the cat’s probably trying to sit on your sleek tablet while you’re using it anyway. You might want to keep a pack of screen protectors handy, though.

Game for Cats isn’t the only app for pets out there. Someone’s looking out for man’s best friend, too. With iSqueak, you’re never far from a squeak toy to catch your dog’s attention. For extra fun, stick your iPhone in one of those dog-ball atlatl and launch it across the park! Make sure you get the phone back from Fido fast, though�if he tears it open to find the squeaker, that’s bound to void the warranty.

There should be a name for the kind of app that recapitulates something exceedingly simple from the analog world. Individually, they seem like decadent, vulgar timewasters�put enough of them together, though, and you’ll have hacked the Singularity, creating a simulacrum of your entire cosmos on the iPhone! Unfortunately, the world you’ll have simulated will be decadent and vulgar.

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