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Terrorists Allegedly Use Old SEGA Carts As Detonators

Our biggest fears have been realized. Terrorist groups no longer find satisfaction in just blowing themselves up, now there are reports of terrorists being trained to make detonators out of SEGA games. The terrorists have gone too far. Taking apart classic games for use in terrorist activities is not only a disservice to retro collectors all around the world but ...

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Nintendo Strikes Back

Sorry to burst your bubble, pirates, but it seems that Nintendo’s next handheld unit will block flash carts used for pirating games. It took Nintendo a long enough time to take legal action against the creators of such flash carts as the R4 or N5, now it’s making damn sure that no one is going to illegally emulate its games. ...

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Every Gray NES Game On Sale For Those Who Missed Out

Got 3,800 dollars laying around? Smash open that piggy bank of yours because this is the deal of a lifetime. Owning every NES game made on gray cartridge (with a ton of instruction manuals) along with a mint-condition NES console is sure to earn you a gaming medal. Now as for selling all of them, no medal is awarded for ...

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