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Science Proves That Cellphones Don’t Cause Cancer

And neither do radios, TVs, power outlets or microwave ovens. Was the radiation emitted from cellphones ever a real threat to our health or was it yet just another example of media scare tactics? An article in Scientific American proves that cellphones not only don’t, but can’t cause cancer, despite what you might have heard. Cell phones cannot cause cancer, ...

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Cancer-fighting Beer Brings About World Peace

This morning, time stood still as I came upon this article on how a team of researchers at Rice University in Houston are working to create a beer that could fight cancer and heart disease. They’re genetically engineering a beer that includes resveratrol, a disease-fighting chemical that can been found in red wine. These folks deserve the Nobel Prize in ...

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Development of Jellyfish Goo Earns Scientists A Nobel Prize

Three scientists have won the Nobel Prize for chemistry. Americans Martin Chalfie and Roger Tsien and Japan�s Osamu Shimomura discovered and successfully developed a fluorescent protein found in jellyfish. Jellyfish will glow under blue and ultraviolet light because of this protein which the three scientists have become known for. It might not sound like much, but this jellyfish protein has ...

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Steve Jobs Finally Speaks

After pissing off investors, causing Apple stock to fall and acting shadier than Mickey Rourke after posting bail, Steve Jobs has finally spoken on the issue of his personal health. He claims he is fine and doesn’t have cancer and that everyone should mind they’re fucking business, essentially. This lets everyone breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that Apple’s famous ...

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Take That, Cancer!

If you thought the government was holding out the cure for cancer, you’re one sick puppy. Scientists at Boston University and Princeton have discovered that with a silicon wafer, they’re able to separate cancer cells from healthy cells.? Like a crossing guard, the wafer sends the cells in different directions. Unfortunately this approach against cancer is new and far from ...

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