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Customer Dissatisfaction Regarding iPhone Rate Plans

With the iPhone 3G just around the corner, an online petition was formed regarding Rogers’ iPhone 3G pricing plans which attracted over 41,000 signatures. Service plans were announced to start at $60 for just 150 voice minutes. The gripe is regarding the lack of an unlimited data plan, which is essential for a phone which thrives on data. Also, unconfirmed ...

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One Red Paperclip Guy Selling House

What a piece of shit. Remember that pig fucker who traded a small red paper clip for a house and blogged about the entire process? Well now he’s selling the house or trading it for something really good. Looking for a house in Canada? You have until July 11th to buy it or trade something for it. The worst part ...

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Canadians Get The Hook Up From Apple

Thanks to a class-action lawsuit, our readers from Canada might find themselves with a decent coupon good towards Apple products. Apparently, the suit was filed over the battery life of iPods and now anyone any bought a 1G, 2G or 3G iPod before June 24th, 2004 is entitled to a $44 credit from Apple. Sweet! Free money, baby! The suit ...

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