One Red Paperclip Guy Selling House

What a piece of shit. Remember that pig fucker who traded a small red paper clip for a house and blogged about the entire process? Well now he’s selling the house or trading it for something really good. Looking for a house in Canada? You have until July 11th to buy it or trade something for it.

The worst part about all this is that apparently, the house is a tourist attraction. Therefore it becomes your job to constantly invite people into your home for no profit. Sounds like a dream come true.


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  1. pig fucker he says… who what a jealous bitch if i ever saw one…
    then again it would take one pig fucker to recognize another… if that were the case !
    The paper clip guy is a genious for what he did
    probably a frustrated anglo cause this genious is from…. The FoRBiDDeN PeoPle LanD of QUEBEC !

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