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Moto X To Launch Early In Rogers Stores!

Moto X

Remember yesterday how we were sharing all too much information about the Moto X? Well here's some more news, at least for our Canadian readers - select Rogers stores will have limited quantities of the Moto X starting this weekend!

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And You Thought Netflix Was Big in the US?

When I heard that Netflix streaming accounted for 20% of all U.S. peak traffic, I was shocked. But just a little shocked. Nothing that was totally impossible to wrap my mind around. But those Canadians? They really, really love their instant streaming. Netflix instant streaming accounts for 95% of all peak evening hours in Canada. 95%! As in only 5% ...

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Watch an Aurora Live, Right From Your Computer

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is doing something special for people who might not be able to witness an Aurora full-on all the way across the sky. The AuroraMAX project allows anyone with an internet connection to witness the Northern Lights as they happen via a live streaming webcam. The AuroraMAX cams starts streaming live at 12 am EST every ...

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Does That Snowblower Have A HEMI In It?

No, but you’re close. This fucking bulldozer-like Hellchild of a machine is the work of Kai Grundt, a Canadian Metalworker who threw a V8 engine in a snow-blowing machine. Why the excess power? Well it snows quite a bit in Canada and like any sane person, Kai didn’t feel like throwing his back out and shoveling for hours. So what ...

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Once In A Lifetime: Meteors In Canada

So there’s not exactly a lot of background on this video but from what I can gather, this is a police officer’s dashcam capturing a meteor falling in the sky over Edmonton, Canada. It’s quite the sight to see, considering that I’d be thinking about complete Armageddon if the sky lit up like that around here. I have yet to ...

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Foam Brings 3-D Modeling To Life

Doesn’t this photo sculpture by Canadian artist Susy Olivera look a lot like the papercrafts you can make yourself? It’s all polygonal as if it’s straight out of the Playstation One. Susy fashions these 3-D models together using photos and foam. The one shown above is called “Time is Never Wasted.” To me, it bears a resemblance to Alec Trevelyan ...

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Canada Tries A Real Solution, Can’t Blame Them

This 52 home community is taking the next step in solar power communion in Alberta, Canada. Yea, Canada is a cold place but for these houses, which can provide over 90% of the annual heating and hot water needs, the cold is the last of their worries. However, the slaying of baby seals is another story for another day. It’s ...

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