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Stay Classy: Camo Dinner Jacket

I don’t know why people feel the need to stand-out like a sore thumb, and not even in a good way, but an obnoxious, “you look ridiculous” sort of way. Why not wear something classy like the Hello Kitty tuxedo or something neon? The�Camouflage Dinner Jacket allows you the�opportunity�to never have to drop your redneck bravado, even at a fancy ...

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Camouflaged Cables Fit Right In With Your Jungle Motif

I pray for the day when wireless charging is available to the masses. Charging cables are ugly and a hassle to keep organized. But for now, they’re a mandatory product for us gearheads and gadget freaks. But do the cables really have to be so plain and ugly themselves? I mean, they can be a real eyesore, causing a damper ...

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Go stealth with Audio-Technica ATH-PRO5 camouflage headphones

There are many different styles of headphones out there these days, and so choosing a pair that will match everything you wear might be difficult, if you believe white or black don�t match with normal clothes, that is. These new headphones by Audio-Technica are a great addition to your headphone collection if you believe that camouflage matches anything. Actually it ...

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