Go stealth with Audio-Technica ATH-PRO5 camouflage headphones

audio-technica ath-pro5

There are many different styles of headphones out there these days, and so choosing a pair that will match everything you wear might be difficult, if you believe white or black don�t match with normal clothes, that is. These new headphones by Audio-Technica are a great addition to your headphone collection if you believe that camouflage matches anything. Actually it doesn�t matter if it does or not because no one will be able to see them (get it? haha). Why anyone would want to have camouflage headphones is a mystery. The only exception to that are soldiers who want to listen to tunes but don�t want their enemies to see those stereotypical white earbuds when they are hiding in the forest. Even though these don�t have the greatest fashion sense, they do have some nice components to make up for the lack of style on the outside. The headphones are said to be lightweight and have excellent sound quality, with awesome bass. At $75, it would probably be wise to save your money and buy a pair of headphones with similar components but with a better look. — Nick Rice

Audio-Technica ATH-PRO5  monitor headphones [via Tech Digest]

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  1. What a douchebag. U seriously don’t dig those? It’s the one place that camouflage doesn’t look retarded. These are dope, you gotta get some taste, sucker…

  2. Whatever Mr. Rice, I own a pair and they get compliments. You can find them new for $65 dollars on eBay with shipping included and if you’re frugal, as I was, wait around and you can snag some new for $45. They sound great, the weight isn’t bad at all and the headband is a strong metal band so a fall off a desk or something won’t kill them. I’ve been using them at work for over a year with no complaints. People figure they have noise canceling sometimes when they try them, but it’s just a decent amount of padding that cancels noise the old fashion way. For the sort of people that WOULD wear quasi-DJ-studio-monitor headphones, the unusual camo pattern is a nice change away something like a Skullcandy brand or worse yet, typical, boring, silver plastic.

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