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5 Cakes For Gamers to Worship

Pokemon Cake

Is there anything more amazing than a cake that perfectly exemplifies your favorite video game? We don't think so! Take a look at these 5 cakes for gamers to worship!

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The 37 Delicious Ingredients of a Twinkie Looking Slightly Less Delicious

It turns out that when you eat a Twinkie, you’re eating about 37 (give or take) separate ingredients, all surely delicious in their own right, I’m sure. Photographer Dwight Eschliman took each of these ingredients and photographed them separately. So actually, what you’re looking at above, is theoretically a Twinkie. Of course the actual recipe is a long-held secret of ...

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The Most Embarassing Cakes Ever

Not every occasion is a happy occasion. But every occasion does call for cake! And thank god for that because, come on, it’s cake. Scrum-diddly-umpcious. Just lost your baby? Cake. Just got involuntarily circumcised? Cake. Venereal disease? Cake! Hit the jump for a few of our favorites, or least favorite. Whatever.

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Make your own Rubik Cake: Mmm, Mmm…Puzzling!

We have seen our fair share of cool geeky cakes, but this is the first one we have seen that comes with a tutorial to actually make it yourself. This Rubik Cube Cake is truly as cool as the arctic tundra. Just plain geek-o-rific. Using some skilled frosting cutting and lots of strategically placed food coloring, you to can win ...

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World of Warcraft cake makes our mouths water: It’s amazing, WoW!

Not only do we love World of Warcraft, but we love eating cake too! Sometimes both at the same time. Posted on the ArsTechnica forum is this beautiful example of what a mixture of creativity and baking prowess can create. All we can say about this is….well, WoW! My good friend makes kick-ass cakes as a hobby. Last year she ...

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